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About Me

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I’m an economist by trade, ex World Bank, an ODI Fellow, an amateur snowboarder, and a travel enthusiast. I rock climb when I got time (without much success), watch football (Go Gunners!), surf (with even less success than rock climbing) and obviously take photos. I cherish the spontaneity that comes with traveling and use photography as a tool capture the precious moments.

Photography isn’t just an art form, it’s a way to share experiences. I got a DSLR sometime during my undegrad and it bothered me that the scenes on my computer screen don’t reflect the whole allure of the moment. They failed to transmit the same emotion felt behind the lens. So in my free time I tried, and still am, experimenting with different techniques to bring myself and others closer to how I remember the moment in my mind. I get a kick out of processing my photos and post whenever I can 🙂 Welcome and enjoy the random collection of photos from here and there.

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