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Miroir d’eau, Bordeaux

This is from a fairly recent trip to Bordeaux, where once again I ended up shooting around place de la bourse and miroir d’eau.

Miroir d'eau bordeaux

Wines wines wines …

I’m not exactly what they call knowledgable when it comes to wine. But one doesn’t need to be to enjoy the contents of these dark inviting bottles. I really like wine shops. I think I might have posted a pic of this particular one in Bordeaux, full of the city’s world famous wines. I don’t think I did a particularly a great job focusing and making sure my camera is set right for this shot but I still do like the composition. I mean look at all the wine:P

Bordeaux, France

Playtime in Bordeaux

 I was lucky enough to spend a day in this fun city. This is Miroir d´eau, a little square by the Place de la Bourse. It’s always watered to reflect everything around it like a mirror, which gives for a very awesome effect. I thought it was pretty cool. As you see a lot of kids are loving it too. It’d be sweet to have something like that in Vancouver.

Bordeaux, France


Famous Bordeaux Wines

Every time I write these I just want to start by “I had a great time in this wonderful city”. But this time I might just say it:) Some of my best memories are associated with this great city. A friend of mine lived in this city for years and has invited me along with few other friends for a little road trip along the west coast of France. And Bordeaux is in my mind one of its most beautiful cities. Of course you can’t mention Bordeaux without mentioning its world famous wines. This particular shop was very high end. The wines were very expensive and I tried my best not to accidentally tip a bottle or 2:) The first bottle could buy me an awesome lens!!

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France


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