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Let’s Dance

This was taken in the same park as was the picture in the previous post.

Old Man in a Park

People in China are very active. A walk across many parks will present people of all ages doing all sorts of different physical exercises in form of games or dances. It’s a very pleasant, lively environment. And of course here and there you see people resting, regenerating before the next dance.


Along the Hutong

One of my favourite things about Beijing is its Hutongs, little alleys all around the city that define Beijing in many ways. Some are very commercial nowadays, with modern coffee shops and some are more hidden and are mostly residential. And it’s the residential ones that I find representative of the city, or at least the traditional part of the city. The number of these hutongs has been decreasing over the years. Maybe because of people moving to better equipped modern apartments or development and more profitable use of the land. Whatever it is, it’s surely killing parts of the traditional Beijing.


Stumbling Kid

One thing about China’s big cities and its public places is that you’re never short of people and subjects as a photographer. There are always people around; playing, cooking, eating, fixing something.

This kid was trying to entertain himself as most kids do when holding parents’ hands.


Tiananmen square and Film Effect

I’m slightly late with my post. I blame the exams 🙂
Lately I’ve been playing around editing pictures and found myself leaning towards some sort of film effect, making the photo look like it’s a single frame from a movie. Here’s an example of it from the Tiananmen square in Beijing.


Bicycle Ride (Beijing)

Well it’s been a while since my last post. All the moving around has kept me away from posting. I’m now finally settled in my new apartment with a proper internet connection. As I said I’ve been travelling in recent months and have taken tons of new pics all over the world.

This one is in Beijing in of its many hutongs, which make Beijing so unique, at least in my eyes. Traffic in Beijing is quite intense, like in many big asian cities, and getting in the mix of it on a bike is fun. It’s a nice way to explore the city.


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