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City of Colour

This is the view of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo. This picture was printed by my university to display at some gallery that I never managed to visit. I have no idea where the print is at the moment, maybe hanging on some wall in university. Great view though!!

Florence, Italy

Quiet Observer

 This may not be the most interesting picture of this gorgeous city full of absolutely incredible architecture. But I do like capturing the simple moments that remind me of the little things I did in between sightseeing. This was my last day in Florence and my local friends took me out for pizza. As I turned around to glance at a plaza these women were passing by a carousel so I quickly grabbed my camera focused and snapped. It’s very pleasant place to have a pizza, no matter how it tastes. In case if you’re wondering it was yummy:)

(As always click on the pic for better quality:)

Florence, Italy

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