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Köln (Cologne)

This is from my last summer’s visit to Germany. I’ve quite enjoyed my time in Cologne. It’s not a city with lots of obvious historic architectural beauty of similar european cities. But it doesn’t take anything away from it as Cologne has things up its sleeve to offer. It’s a lively city with nice people and lots of culture. At the end of the day maybe it’s these things that leave a more memorable impression.

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom), on the left of the photo, is one of the oldest standing buildings (maybe the oldest) in the city and has been spared by the allied forces during the second world war bombings. Sadly, as the story stands the reason for that isn’t its aesthetic beauty. Its twin spires were easily recognizable and were kept as a navigational mark by the advancing allied forces. 


I came across this blog by a russian photographer who travels around the world climbing up local landmarks for unique perspectives. Needless to say it’s illegal but it does lead to some interesting shots. Here’s a link describing his latest european adventure. It’s all in russian, even if you don’t understand some photos are worth checking out. Pictures of Cologne start from photo #23. According to his blog, the Cologne Cathedral was the top place to climb in europe. Click here for the blog.

Berliner Saxophonist

As you see I’ve changed a few things on the site in the past week. If you found Curious Lines looking all weird at some point or if something wasn’t working that was me messing with it. Apart from its looks I’ve changed a few structural things and that threw my “like” count away. So feel free to share and “like” away 😉
This picture, as the title suggests, was taken in Berlin. I’ve already posted a few pictures of saxophonists from Belgium and Vancouver but this one is my most favourite out of the three:)

Berlin, Germany


Steel Art

I was walking around in Berlin with my friend when we took a wrong turn and found ourselves in a very cool yard full of artists, each showcasing his unique creations. This is one of the things that caught my eye. Very original use of scrap metal.

Berlin, Germany


Relax. This is Berlin

Berlin has got to be one of my favourite cities in Europe. City full of culture and awesome people as well as little cafes and other hangout spots where it’s easy to loose track of time. If you think that all German people are overly organized and serious people you should run towards the German capital. It’ll change your mind.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany


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