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4 kms in

I’ve decided to post a few more photos from the Juan de Fuca trail in the coming days. Here’s one of them. This is the beginning of the trail, if you start south. If I’m not mistaken it’s about 4 kms in right at the first beach, you can still see some people who just came in for a day. People are a rarer sight as you go farther in.


Rocks and Waves

This is one of the beaches on Juan de Fuca trail on Vancouver Island. Not the most beautiful beach on the trail with its big bulky rocks, but still a great place to sit back and relax to the sound of waves trying to reach the rocks.


A loss to the winds of the Pacific Northwest

I’m fascinated by BC’s coastline, by its ruggedness, amazing beaches, wilderness. A lot of the coastline is hard to get to given the geography, long distances, lack of proper roads etc. Jaun de Fuca trail is one way to get to the coastline and this is one the beaches along the way.

This tree was pretty far from the forest, it was hard to imagine how it could be ripped with its roots and carried that far. But I guess given the crazy waters and the vicious winds one shouldn’t be that surprised to see a tree lose to the winds.

Loss to the Winds


Pre-sunset stroll

I’m back again to the Juan de Fuca trail. Back not only to the folder that contains the trail pictures to be uploaded but back in a way these pictures do take me back sometimes. This was very close to our first campsite just about 8 kms from the start of the trail (I know we took it easy that day). My mates and I decided to go for a little stroll along the coast and that’s when I caught the shot, as the sun was hiding behind the tree.

Juan de Fuca trail, BC, Canada

Juan de Fuca trail, BC, Canada


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