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Mongolia Photo Stories

I’ve created a new page called Photo Stories. It’s an attempt to connect some of the photos and give a sense of the story behind them. I’ve decided to start with my travels in Mongolia. The section will be divided into different geographical segments most of which are already published. Here’s the photo from one of these pages Orkhon Valley.

There is more where that came from on the following pages:
Ulan Bator
Orkhon Valley


Playing with Birds Ulaanbaatar

This is also around the Gandan Khiid Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, like the previous Mongolian post. The holy place isn’t just for religious gatherings but is also a place for many others to come and enjoy the day.


Buddhist School

This is a buddhist school in one of the religious buildings around the Gandan Khiid Monastery in Ulaanbaatar (or Ulan Bator), Mongolia. In between their moments of seriousness these kids kept poking each other for a laugh. I guess kids are always kids, eager to laugh no matter what religion or where they are.


Gobi Desert Sunset

This is just on the edge of the northern Gobi desert in Mongolia. My travel companions and I were on the road most of the day to make it to the desert. By the time we stopped to pitch a tent the sun was setting down.  Couldn’t have asked for a better a view and a more dramatic introduction to this truly beautiful part of the world.

Gobi Desert Sunset


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