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Master of the ball

NOTE: I’m out for another adventure and will be traveling for several months and won’t have access to my hard drive or my pics. This means I won’t be posting anything for a while. But I’ll try and make up for it. Hopefully I’ll come back with tons of interesting photos to share with you.

This guy often does tricks with the ball around Basilique du Sacré-Cœur in Paris. He truly is a master of the ball. He does some amazing things with the football ball. I took tons of his pics as I was really impressed. This is one of them.


Football passion off the pitch (France vs Mexico)

I love watching football (aka soccer), be that from the stands in the stadium or with lots of people outside of one. Sadly, football isn’t big where I live at the moment, people don’t share the same passion as do some europeans. Few things can compare with the electrifying atmosphere brought by the beautiful game.

This was some time ago during France’s bad run of terrible performances on the pitch. I was in Paris when they played Mexico and lost. Needless to say some people didn’t take it very well. Though some were already going crazy even before the start.


Behind the Arc de Triomphe

When talking about their travels people often try to paint a picture, that of the beauty and allure of great cities they’ve seen; cities like Paris. And often little, behind the main stage-inferior details get left out, abandoned in the description.

Behind the arc de triomphe


Always together

This is not a new picture on this site by any means as these two have been peering out of you screens every time you visited this modest corner on the mighty internet. I caught this in Paris by the famous Sacré-Cœur basilica. This is one of my few pics that I actually really like but you probably have guessed it by now as it always hangs above all the others. This is also the first of my pics that I ever saw in print and its copy now hangs in the library at my university.

Paris, France

Quiet observer

I really enjoy taking random shots like this one, trying to capture a wee taste of the street or simply a fragment of someone’s life. Here nothing is planned and the spontaneity of the environment subtly suggest a subject and mood. It simply takes luck and a little attention to respond to it.

Quiet observer


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