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Painting of a Photo

Once in a while people write to me and to various versions of modifications they’ve done to my photos. It’s something I  enjoy very much. Everyone has their view on things and has their own manner of doing things. It’s interesting to see other people’s spin on my work. This recent work in particular caught my attention. I got a message from a painter (Giangix70) in Rome. He wanted to paint a photo I took in Rome around 4 years ago and of course I gladly agreed. I think it turned out quite cool. He has a lots of other great work. You can check out more of his awesome paintings on his Flickr page.


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Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Piazza panorama in Rome

I absolutely love panoramic shots. Sometimes a single shot alone isn’t enough to transmit the feeling of how it’s like to be standing in front of a plaza or looking down at a city skyline from a tower or a hill. They’re great at painting a bigger picture but they can also be fun to zoom into sometimes to explore the scene, those frozen moments of people going about their business.

Panoramic shots are so cool that I’ve decided to add a separate link to the sidebar on the right to group them together. Hopefully I’ll be posting more of them. (Click on the pic to enlarge or download the full size)

Rome, Italy


A day in Roma

I almost got stuck in Rome because of a 2010 volcanic eruption in Iceland, which paralyzed most of europe’s air transportation. In fact, my flight to Budapest was one of the few that did take off that day. In the midst of all the craziness and an absolutely wild weather, with strong sun at one moment and pouring rain another, I managed to get out to the city for a little tour. I wish I had more time in Rome. I didn’t get to see much but I’ve very much enjoyed what I did get to see.

This picture is how I  imagine many parts of Italy look like, with tiny streets paved with cobblestones and life going at its own pace, without much regard to hectic traffic and faster pace of the bigger streets.

Rome, Italy


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