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Chair lifts (whistler)

This is actually a pretty old picture from one of the days in whistler. I thought it was very appropriate given I haven’t yet been up the mountain this season. If you know the mountains at all this is on blackcomb around the 7th heaven area, one of my favourite places to ride, truly is heaven on certain days.

Whistler, BC, Canada

Whistler, BC, Canada


The art of flight

It’s one of those days when my mind doesn’t wanna be where my body is. The majority of my day is taken hostage by the economic interpretations of welfare, demand forecasting and business operations optimization for organizations which I don’t even remotely care for. Where my body wants to be is on this picture. I rarely take my camera up the mountain and when I do I almost never use it because I’m just too busy having fun.

I came down the same run but sadly went around these rocks. As I stopped for a breather I looked back to see what I missed out on and saw this skier go for it. The mini slide certainly makes for a dramatic landing.

Whistler, BC, Canada

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