Hi there. Welcome to curious lines, thanks for clicking around the website!
I’m a development economist currently based in Myanmar 🇲🇲 (Burma). Curiosity about cultures, life circumstances and places around the world have taken me to live, learn and work across a number of countries. Photography has been a big part of that, a tool for self-expression, connecting with others and capturing experiences along the way.
I’ve originally set the site up as a photoblog as an undergraduate student. You can find the photoblog here. You can also find some of my fav photos on the albums page, which I will be Updating to in the coming months.
Please feel free to reach out to say hi or if you want to use any of the photos. In the past, people have contacted me to use photos for book covers, city tourist maps, airline marketing schemes or simply to share their thoughts of a photo/place. You can easily reach me through one of the social links on the site.
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